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What are add-on domains?

An add-on domain is a fully functional domain name that a webmaster can add to their hosting account. It is like having multiple hosting accounts that share the same cPanel. Add-on domains are treated just like primary domain name in your account.  The files for an add-on domain share the same space with your primary domain name. For users who access your add-on domain, they will not be able to tell the difference from a primary domain. They all behave the same way.

You can create email addresses, forwarders and what have you with an add-on domain just like a primary domain. At Hostbora, we offer unlimited add-on domain except for the Bora Lite plan and the Bora starter package.

How add-on domains work?

After creating an add-on domain in your cPanel the following things happen:

  • A folder will be created in the public_html folder
  • A sub-domain will be created for the add-on domain and will be attached to the aforementioned folder.
  • The new domain name will also be associated with the sub-domain

Add-on domain URL examples

Addon Domain Name


Subdomain Name


Subfolder Name


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